Health and Safety is not something companies should be afraid of, joke about or be complacent about. It is not about making work difficult, it is about making work safe. Regardless of size, every business is affected by Health and Safety Regulations that impose duties, obligations and penalties upon both the company involved AND/OR employees and management/directors personally.



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  • Do you ever find that, in your busy schedule, you are so short of time that you may not pay much attention to Health and Safety matters within your company? You'll perhaps replace that machinery guard next week or ask a worker to do something 'just this once' that he/she is not properly trained to do. After all, accidents don't happen in your company do they? Famous last words.
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  • Health and Safety in the Workplace is Law. Whether you are a large organisation or a small business, the HSE directives MUST be complied with and adhered to. They are in place for the safety of you, your workforce and your company.
  • Health and Safety is not here to make sure you CAN'T do a job, it is here to make sure you CAN do the job SAFELY.
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  • For the reputation of your company, the morale of your workforce and to prevent hefty fines or, worse still, closure, you need Health and Safety on your side.
















Risk Assessments

Legislation requires that the assessment must be carried out by a competent person and it must examine the entire company's activities to identify any hazards involved, the likelihood of those hazards causing harm and the steps required to either eliminate or minimise the risks.

The risk assessment should be reviewed periodically and whenever there are significant changes in the workplace.

We can arrange for a qualified safety practitioner to visit your premises and carry out a risk assessment study on your behalf.

All companies are under a statutory duty to carry out an assessment of risks present in its workplace. This assessment must be recorded in writing and maintained on file.

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Company Safety Policy Statement

A written Health and Safety Policy Statement is a legal requirement if your business employs five or more people and it is required to contain a number of key elements.

Preparation and presentation of a Safety Policy Statement can be a corporate nightmare, so allow our consultant to visit your premises and assemble the key elements of your safety policy for you. We will then prepare the legal documentation required, thus making sure you are complying with the law.

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For any of the above services, please contact us for an informal discussion and to assess your requirements. We will not give you unnecessary advice or impose unnecessary costs

At SafetY TraiN we pride ourselves on our policy of giving quality service and training programmes at affordable prices.


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Come and talk to us about a

 Safety Health Check* for your company.


This is not a full risk assessment but a basic inspection of your workplace and procedures to highlight areas which might need attention.

Hazards which maintenance workers face:


  • Accidents whilst using equipment, slips, trips and falls


  • Noise and vibration both in the workplace environment and from equipment


  • Busy workloads which lead to stress


  • Injuries due to carrying heavy materials, pushing and pulling, working in small spaces and working in awkward positions

How YOUR workplace can be safe:


  • Planned preventative maintenance. Not just maintaining machinery but all aspects of safety including systems, people and the environment.


  • Acting when something fails (consequential maintenance).


  • Inspecting and testing workplace buildings and facilities, work equipment or transport and servicing and repairing or replacing them as necessary


  • Assessing risks and hazards in the workplace. BUT maintenance itself is a high-risk activity. It is estimated that 10% to 15% of all accidents at work are connected with maintenance.

* Worth £199 (out of pocket expenses may be incurred)

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