Suspect Mail Packages Awareness Course

The course will bring awareness to candidates as to who actually is the “terrorist”. The “terrorist” may be closer to home than you think. For instance, have you sacked an employee who has then become disgruntled and vengeful? Have you seriously upset a customer? Cranks often find it a solution to attack your business and/or your staff by whatever means, even by the use of sending letter bombs and other aggressive items in the mail.

SafetY TraiN suspect mail

As we unfortunately all too often hear, terrorism is not over and in the terms of the business world, it is not large-scale terrorism about which we speak. Your company and its management can, at any time, be at risk from attacks from other sources. This training is directed towards mailroom staff, receptionists and those who are the front line point of contact in receipt of mail and/or other deliveries.

razor blades
SafetY TraiN suspect mail damage

Desk after a letter bomb explosion

suspect mail cuts

This presentation is the best way to bring awareness to your staff of the risks they may face. The course will help identify “the terrorist” and will point towards his intentions. It will show your staff how to identify suspect packages at first glance (the seven S’s). It will also show the best and the worst actions to take upon discovery of a device. We all have our opinions as to what to do with such items, but this course will point out that some of these, however well meant , represent the most foolish actions that could, in fact, be taken.

The duration of this course is approximately 2 hours. Upon completion, a Certificate of Attendance will be issued to each candidate.

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